Who am I?

Name: Glen Warwick
Industry experience: 9 years
Strength: Strength & conditioning - Fat loss - Post injury rehab - Sports performance
Weakness: Having a sweet tooth!

Why do I do it?

I love everything to do with health & fitness, thus why I made it my job! You would of heard the phrase “I get a buzz from seeing my clients achieve their goals” on almost every fitness website from Essex to Ethiopia, but it is SO true.

A quote from one of my clients personifies exactly what I mean. “Since I lost my belly and gained a chest, I wake up and walk into work like I’m the proudest man in the world”
When I hear feedback like this, it makes everything worth while, all the 5am starts, the 11pm finishes, the endless motivation you give everyday, all that effort has counted! It has to be up there with some of the best feelings in the world. Apart from free money, finding five quid on the floor is pretty special…

What do I do?

My only target is for you to reach, surpass and maintain your target! During my eight years in the industry I have acquired a lot of skills and tools to make your ‘impossible’ dreams, reality. Whether it be from endless courses and seminars to keep myself up to date with the ever progressing industry OR trial and error type experiments on myself to see what actually works (I know everyone is different but I cant afford to buy humans for my fitness experiments, so my own body will have to suffice!) I’m going to know how to help you!

Why should you use me?

I hate this self ego boosting part so just read some of our reviews to see a few of my clients successes!

If you want to know more about me or want some health and fitness answers, drop me an email info@ofitonline.co.uk

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