Lets set the story straight

Carbs are not going to make you fat overnight, but persistent abuse of carbs will leave you with a lot of stored energy! (Fat…)

Right, carbohydrates are our bodies first choice of energy before fats and protein. The reason for this is because carbs get transformed into glucose (body sugar) quicker than fats or proteins.

High amounts of carbs can cause you to have energy highs and crashes leaving you irritable and low. Yet lack of carbs can also cause you to feel low and weak. There has to be a balance!

One rule I personally follow is to never let myself get hungry. No, this doesn’t mean I eat myself silly 24/7, it means I time my meals evenly throughout the day.

Look at it like this…

If you ate small meals spaced 3-4 hours apart (one example), you should leave your body with the energy it needs without wanting more! Obviously there are a lot of variables that would affect this, like exercise or work etc.. But you can always adapt. Yes, no excuses.

Moving on, you must also remember that there are two types of carbohydrates;

 simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates.

Complex carbs provide a stable and long lasting energy supply, rather than simple carbs which will get used by the body very quickly and leave you wanting more!

You will find complex carbs (unrefined) in wholegrains (brown bread, brown rice etc..), Oats and also bananas, among other foods.

Simple carbs can be found in refined foods (white bread, white rice, pizzas, chocolate, honey and jams etc…)

Look at it this way, would your rather eat something that is going to fuel your body for a longer period of time and not leave you hungry OR Eat something that is going to leave you wanting more food very shortly, thus gaining fat.

The choice is yours!

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Simple carbohydrates

Quick digesting

Complex carbohydrates

Slow digesting

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