I’m going to jump straight in and say it.. FATS ARE NOT EVIL!

For a long time now the media has controlled what the population believe is fact. For years fats have been the sin of all health! Hence why you see so many food labels claiming ‘low fat’ or even ‘fat free’. The new ‘in thing’ to starve yourself of is carbohydrates, again the reason why you hear about so many ‘no carb diets’ etc. Again, I wish it was that simple! However, there are some fats you should steer clear of…

Lets explain the different types of fat:

Unsaturates: So, these fats are labelled as the healthy fats. In some tests, unsaturated fats have shown not to affect LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and even lower it in some cases as well as increasing HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) Although you should be eating these types of fats, please remember, everything in MODERATION!

Saturates: These fats are known as the bad fats, although this may not be accurate. For a long long time now, saturated fat has been linked to an increase risk of heart disease and LDL cholesterol but more recent tests and experiments have actually shown that there isn’t a link between reduction in saturated fat and reduced LDL cholesterol. In some cases saturated fat can actually reduce the bad cholesterol! But again, please don’t let this information make you stuff your face with fats. Too much of anything will have a detrimental effect. MODERATION!

Trans Fats: Ok, although I have been boosting the other types of fat’s egos, I would try your best to stay away from trans fats. It is impossible to cut all trans fat out of your diet, as some will slip through the net, but do as much as you can to avoid them.

Notes: I repeat, do not got out and eat your body weight in fat. Too much will cause serious health problems.

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Unsaturated Fat:

Liquid at room temperature.

Polyunsaturates: Found in vegetable oils and seafood.

Monounsaturates: Found in vegetable oils

Saturated Fat

Solid at room temperature.

Mainly found in animal foods such as cheese milk and meat, also in tropical oils like coconut oil and cocoa butter

Trans Fat:
Naturally occurring.
Altered and modified.

Naturally occurring trans fats found in small amounts in some dairy products, beef, veal, lamb & mutton

Mainly normal fats that have been altered by food companies to make the products shelf life longer.

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