Remember this quote…

“You can not out-train a bad diet”

No matter how hard you train, if your nutrition isn’t tailored to meet your goals, its not going to happen. If you’re looking for a diet and nutrition plan to improve sport performance, you shouldn’t follow your mates fat loss diet! If you’re female and looking to maintain your current weight, you shouldn’t be following your boyfriends ‘bulking’ diet! You get the idea…

Another thing to remember… The word diet doesn’t mean starve yourself!

Keep that in mind and read on!

What is a calorie? Do calories count? How many should I eat?

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Does eating fat make me fat? Should I even eat fat?

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Should I be on a low carb diet? Do I need carbs? Are there different types of carbs?

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How much do I need? Does protein give women muscles? Can I have too much?

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Does sugar make me fat? Should I cut it out of my diet? How much is too much?

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