To put it simply, proteins are a building block for body tissue, hence why you see a lot of gym goers drinking protein shakes. Protein is also a fuel for our bodies. It contains 4kcal per gram.

Protein isn’t just found in chicken and protein shakes! You can find proteins in a wide variety of foods! Before I list foods that contain protein, lets look a bit more into what protein is…

Proteins are made up of amino acids and these acids are divided into 3 different groups; essential amino acids, non-essential amino acids and conditional amino acids.

As mentioned above, proteins are not only available from meat, we also have plant proteins! Dont worry, it doesnt mean you have to start eating daffodils… I’m talking vegetables, nuts, fruit, wholegrains and seeds! Vegetarians eat proteins too!

We need a good supply of proteins for everything from body maintenance and blood cell production to healthy skin and silky hair!

Protein in relation to training

As we said earlier, proteins are the building block for body tissue growth and maintenance, especially muscle! When we work out, we are actually breaking down muscle! But fears aside, the human body is extremely cleaver and adaptable. When we break our muscle down, our body will rebuild it better and stronger! Protein being the major ingredient for this!

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Essential amino acids

Our body does not produce these amino acids, we acquire them from our diet.

Non-essential amino acids

These amino acids are made by the body from the breakdown of proteins we consume.

Conditional amino acids

These amino acids are only needed by the body at certain times. E.g when we are ill.

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