What do I get?



In depth discussion about your aims/goals, why you want to achieve them, how we are going to achieve them through targeted training and a progressive, tailored food/nutritional plan


Fitness Tests

Various challenges involving cardio vascular endurance and muscular strength and endurance to pin point your current level of fitness


Taster Session

If you’re not already sure about training, then this session will give you an answer (yes!)


10 Session Block

You’re going to get a specific and tailored regime (and education) just for you. As well as training smart and effectively, you’re going to be pushed to the limits to maximise your results and get the absolute best out of you.

And we’ll throw in a free t-shirt as well, you can get it as sweaty as you like


20 Session Block

Save £100

40 Session Block

Save £200

All block packages come with a progressive, tailor made nutritional/food plan unique to YOU. Vital for your goals!

Single sessions come with a nutritional/diet guideline. Do’s & dont's, tips and advise.

Time to realise your potential..

Far too many people think having a personal trainer makes you automatically fit. You’re not going to see a set of abs appear just because you contact us! We provide the knowledge, methods and equipment for you to use, along with a bottomless barrel of motivation, but its ultimately YOU that will make the change!

There’s a saying, ‘You get out, what you put in.’ Partnered with the right tools and guidance, this is so true.

If you’re going to do that last sprint in the rain, or indoors (not everyone likes rain..) If you’re going to push out that last rep, even if it makes you scream! Then you’re ready to make a change.

We have achieved amazing results with lots of you guys, ranging from fat loss, hypertrophy, strength and conditioning to sport specific improvements. As a trainer, we can only be judged by the results and opinions of our clients, so if you’re unsure about taking the first step to a better you then have a look at what other people have said, here.

What we do
We provide the knowledge, motivation, tools and ultimately your map to success. We’re here to make sure, this time, you WIN!

What you have to do

After answering our in depth questions about your lifestyle (level of activity, food etc), which will help us to develop your precise nutritional plan and give us the knowledge to start planning your road to the body of you’re dreams, you will undergo some fitness tests to help us determine what level of fitness you are currently at. Don’t worry, we won’t be seeing how quick you can complete a marathon (unless you want to).

As well as that, we will record your body measurements to help us track your progress! Things such as waist circumference and body fat percentage will all be noted and when the time comes that you’re ready to fly the nest and take on the world of health and fitness on your own, you can look back on those measurements to remind you of you’re incredible effort and success!

What’s on offer

The location of where you transform your body is entirely up to you. Whether it be at home, in the park or in a gym close to home or work, we can accommodate. We work across Essex, Canary Wharf.

Please register your interest, availability is limited.

Drop us an email: info@ofitonline.co.uk

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