Ross Buxton

“I’ve always enjoyed fitness and worked out on a regular basis (when I could), but once I started training with Glen, I realised I was putting my effort in the wrong areas. He showed me when to train, when to rest and what to eat! Within weeks I was already seeing more progress than I have in the rest of my exercise life!”


Glen is a great trainer overall, he helped me with specific goals which I reached in a relatively short timeframe (I only had 4 weeks before I went travelling). His friendly training approach and diet advice proved very handy. I'll be training with him again in the future.

Manish Gupta

“Glen, as my trainer has been helping me to pump iron for more than nine months now and I honestly cannot believe the improvements in my strength and image. For, education costs time and money but so does ignorance. Therefore, those who do not find time train themselves now will have to make time to deal with poor health later on.

Training with him has an advantage that you push your limits beyond where you thought possible, with a smiling and smirking face. You end up enjoying the pain! He has always told me the main barrier in our lives is a lazy attitude. If you do not feel the muscles and sweat, its not working. Just listen to your body, its much smarter than you are.

 Always indebted with my trainer for all the tips and hard work he has done for me.”

Blake Harrison

“Glen makes sessions fun and still pushes you to your limits getting the best results. My strength and conditioning increased beyond my expectations! He gave me the drive to continue pursuing my goals and gave me a regime that enabled me to push myself even after our sessions had finished! Prior to working with Glen I would always find excuses not to go to the gym but now I'm dedicated and make sure I'm there at least 3 times a week!”

Suraya Begum

“I have been training with Glen since April 2013 and I always go to him when I need motivation to get back to the gym. He is a great trainer and flexible in meeting my needs. Although I push myself hard, I can easily give up, Glen always pushes me beyond my own limits to a level I didn’t know existed! His knowledge and experience are key to my success and he’s fun to work with. Every session is different! Glen mixes it up with new exercises tailored to my requirements. I’ve also learnt so much from him about food prepping, nutrition timing, sleeping, eating the right food and keeping myself disciplined on the food plans. The support he has given me, even outside of the gym where he’s been available 24/7, is second to none. I’ve had great results and currently am training with him and will continue to train with him. I would not hesitate to recommend Glen. You wont be disappointed!”

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