Stuart Brons-Smith

I used to go gym almost everyday and only trained chest and arms on alternate days. Obviously, I now realise how silly that is but Glen was the first person to give me a proper training regime that I followed to get in shape for my holiday. I used muscles I didn’t know I had!

Eleni Maroulaki

“An effective fitness coach who not only offers the knowledge and skill level to devise and implement a workout regime, but also provides support throughout the session itself.

I have been training with Glen for the past 5 months and despite at the beginning it felt nearly impossible for me to get myself in shape, his level of knowledge and true understanding of the physical mechanics of the human body inspired me to succeed and to strive for my goals. I have lost weight and inches and have had fun doing it!

He is a great trainer, innovative, knowledgeable, friendly and he's been able to help me fully understand how to work out properly, ensuring and encouraging me to push myself beyond my limits. Even those days that I am very tired from work and not in the mood for training he manages to keep me on my toes and motivate me for the session ahead! I’ve not only had great results but I’ve learnt so much from Glen.

For anyone looking to better their body, I would not hesitate to recommend! Go for it, it’s worth every penny!”

Oksana Surgatanova

Glens classes are dynamic and powerful, fun and challenging. His attention to body mechanics is excellent, my legs were weak and I kept picking up injuries as well as dealing with chronic arthritis in my knees. My legs are now a lot stronger and I rarely get any pain in my knees at all!

You can always get perfect advice regarding your health and fitness. I was afraid of going the gym but Glen made realise its not such a daunting place and now i cant wait to work out!

April Musket

I would highly recommend training with Glen- I came to him with just four weeks to get my bikini body on track and he approached the task with infectious enthusiasm. Glen showed me a variety of exercises that I could use in my own training time, but also pushed me to my limits in order to achieve the results I was after. I was also given a realistic and maintainable diet plan to follow to accompany my fitness plan. After the four weeks, I saw a substantial hike in my fitness levels and visible changes to my body. I have since used Glen for one- off training sessions and thoroughly enjoy them every time, he is also very flexible with times and dates at short notice. I would highly recommend Glen to anyone who is looking to improve their fitness or to lose weight.


“I’ve never used a trainer before so I was slightly nervous about my first session! However, Glen very quickly put me at ease, he took the time to listen to my goals and created a realistic and achievable training and nutrition plan bespoke to my requirements. He has immense knowledge of all things fitness related and his varied workouts ensured I saw steady results which id previously been unable to achieve when training on my own! I highly recommend his services.”