Sugar is a sweet flavoured substance found in food or used in food by manufacturers. However, we shouldn’t get confused over the different types…

Lets have a look.

The four main types we are going to look at are; Sucrose, Glucose, Fructose and Lactose.

Sugar in relation to fat loss

Our body digests carbohydrates we eat, turns them into blood sugar (glucose) and distributes it around the body. Now, for our body to move this glucose around it needs a form of transportation… In steps the pancreas! Our pancreas creates the hormone insulin. Insulin carries the glucose to our body cells to be used as energy.

You with me? Good!

Now, when we eat refined carbohydrates such as white bread or things like sweets which contain sucrose, they get converted into blood sugar very quickly which makes our pancreas work double time to produce the insulin to transport all this glucose. This insulin surge tells our body to use all the readily available energy and to stop burning fat (for energy) and start storing it for future use.
The problem with this, isn’t just the fat storage, its the fact that all this glucose being used rapidly leaves us with a low storage (of glucose). When this happens, we want to eat more food to replace it (usually the same types of foods that started this vicious cycle) and that’s when we come right back to the beginning!

In summary, avoid the simple carbohydrate foods and sweet things. If you, like myself, have a sweet tooth and you can’t resist something sweet, have some fruit. Although fructose (and lactose) is still digested quickly, it’s better than a pack of jelly babies!

Stick to the complex carbs!

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This is table sugar. The sugar you can expect to be added to food.


This is body sugar. Our bodies metabolise sugars we consume and distribute it around the body as glucose.

Also found directly in plants.


This is the sugar found in fruits! Which is why things such as apples, carrots and pears have a sweet taste.


This is the sugar we find in milk.

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