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TEMPO Fit Club
Exercise at your own pace!

What is Tempo Fit Club?
Put simply, this is a fitness session that involves a lot of functional movements, performed at different speeds! The idea is to keep up with the speed of the exercise, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Now, here’s the beauty… If you’re finding it too hard, slow down! It doesn’t matter if you can’t match the tempo, just slow down until you recover and then go again!

What is functional fitness?

This is a term thrown around the fitness industry quite a lot nowadays..
It basically means, fitness exercises that are focused on getting you fit for everyday activities such as; walking up the stairs at the train station, picking the kids up from school, that short run for the bus that you always seem to miss… etc. Either way, I like the way it sounds, so I’m gonna’ keep using it.

What you can expect!

This is not your standard bootcamp with press ups, sit ups and a bit of running…
There will be exercises you haven’t done before and equipment you haven’t used before, making the session even more enjoyable and rewarding! Every single exercise and piece of equipment will be demonstrated and coached, making sure you get the most out of your efforts!


  • A happy environment with other people that have the same goals as you!
  • Modern equipment with the latest exercises, adapted for your aims and needs! As well as some old favourites thrown in for good measure…
  • Walk away knowing you’ve had a workout and ready for the weekend!

Side effects…

  • A prolonged, healthier, happier life!
  • A confidence boost you didn’t realise was possible!
  • An improved sex life… (the fitter you are, the better it gets!)


Havering College, Quarles Campus, Tring Gardens, Harold Hill. RM3 9ES

We have the use of a sports hall and a huge field! If it’s hot, we’re outside. If it’s snowing, we’re inside! Maybe…


Every Saturday 10AM - 11AM


You will have numerous pieces of top equipment at your disposal to use, such as: slam balls, tyres, agility ladders, hurdles, parachutes (you’re not sky diving), tornado balls to name but a few. All of the equipment you will have can be used in so many different ways, that it will definitely keep you on your toes and always progressing!

The best and by far most useful tool you will have is your own BODY! USE IT!

**All that effort is nothing without a healthy diet! Optimise your results with a structured food plan and some extra workouts during the week to REALLY get your metabolism flying!


Please contact us to book your place, you may not be able to participate without booking first:

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